The ASHI ACI - The Gold Standard Of The Home Inspection Profession

What is a Certified Residential Inspector? The ASHI ACI is the premier professional designation available to all home inspectors in the United States The ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) is a designation that is provided to those who apply and become qualified as part of ASHI ACI Certification Program administered by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Why Select an ASHI ACI? Quality, Experience, Trust & Reliability


ASHI Certified Inspectors set a higher standard for professional home inspections. All ASHI ACI program participants need to adhere to the ASHI Standards of Practice for their inspections and the ASHI Code of Ethics as a part of their professionalism.


The home inspector must meet the preliminary requirements for becoming a ASHI ACI as well as pass the proctored ASHI ACI examination. The home inspector must also have completed a minimum of 250 full, fee-paid home inspections. The ASHI ACIs in the program today have anywhere from several years to over twenty years experience performing home inspections.


Today, real estate groups and consumers are looking for home inspectors who have taken the time and given the energy to better themselves and their profession. Potential clients are asking for certified home inspectors and ASHI Certified Inspectors demonstrate this excellence and fulfill the need of both the consumer and the real estate industry by mandating annual continuing education requirements.


The ASHI ACI status is an individual achievement attained by the Inspector.

The Certified Inspector logo has been trademarked for use only by persons who have reached this level of competency within ASHI. Use of the acronym ACI after the name of an ASHI Certified Inspector is allowed and verifiable by having completed an NCCA-accredited certified program.

In general, they signify a higher level of experience and tested knowledge. For those in regulated states like Illinois, these symbols promote the inspector’s dedication to excellence by going beyond the requirements of state licensing and maintaining ASHI Certified Inspector status as well.

The Industry Today

According to Realtors, eighty-four (84%) percent of buyers requested a home inspection as part of the purchae contract.

Nearly all Realtors (99%) recommend tat the buyer get a home inspection, with 92% saying they ALWAYS make this recommendation, and an additional 7% saying they OFTEN make this recommendation.

Buying a home is for most people the biggest investment of their lifetime, so it is imperative to hire the most knowledgeable and qualified professional home inspector.

Reputable real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and banking institutions highly recommend that homebuyers hire a professional home inspector to report the current conditions of the house on all home transactions regardless if it is a new or existing property. These real estate professionals recognize the high level of professionalism ASHI ACIs provide.